JCDecaux: contemporary art awards

The JCDecaux Award exhibition series, established by the Contemporary Art Center and JCDecaux Lietuva aims to promote the creativity of budding Lithuanian artists, their work's dissemination in Lithuania and abroad, and the public's interest in contemporary art. The project has been active for eight years and attracts increasing attention from applicants and the international art community each year.

Let the exhibits shine

In collaboration with the JCDecaux team, our goal was to create a website that would correspond to the JCDecaux Awards project, showcasing the exhibits and artists in a bright and concise manner, without overshadowing them with an overloaded web design solution. We based the project on a light and clean UI design that we complemented with accent design details. We then implemented the project in the Webflow environment, creating a website content management system that is easy to manage and adapted to the JCDecaux team's needs.


Web Design
UX/UI design


Web page


April, 2023

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