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Rimti Vilius Povilas

We are a premium design and creative studio. We specialize in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design and develop various holistic design solutions for business.

Our team is professionals and experts in the fields of design, marketing and technology, united by the desire and ability to solve various business problems through design, technology and their synergies.

We work together with each customer to understand the consumers, their issues, possible added values and to provide appropriate and numerical solutions. We help our clients to create design changes at various stages of the company's life , both at the beginning of its activity and during the stages of renewal or development of new services. Our team specializes in the following areas: user experience and interface design (UX/UI), development of websites and applications, UX auditing and consulting, analytics and conversion optimization (CRO), digital product strategy and branding.

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Design solutions that do not ignore people.

We strive to create change using integrated design solutions and methodologies. Broadly, design is a very big industry. It covers a wide range of disciplines and areas: graphic design, interior design, product design, fashion design, video and animation design, interactive design, UX/UI design, system and service design and many more.
All these areas are united by one of the basic principles of design: a great empathy for the user and his experience in using the design object or service. By adapting these principles and basic design methodologies like Human-Centered Design,we want to create positive long-term changes in society worldwide.

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Strong values are fair work.

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Most of the time, simple is brilliant. We reshape complex platforms and systems into easy-to-understand user experience and interfaces.

Value icon - Long-term approach


We only create sustainable, holistic and long-term solutions for our clients. Facelifting does not lead to real changes.

Value icon - Social welfare

Social welfare

We value and develop solutions focused on better user and societal experiences in the digital space and greater overall well-being.

Serious team - serious work!

We are experts in design, marketing and IT, united by desire, ability and passion to solve complex business problems through design, technology and their synergy.

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